5 Christmas Toys Little Boys Want Under the Tree

As the winter season approaches, you may be wondering what types of presents to get for your little boy. Little boys of all ages love waking up to the coolest, newest toys under the Christmas tree. Each year, new toys are released that boys simply must have. From trucks and trains to dinosaurs and pretend play, there are so many different toys available on the market that you may have no idea what to get for your little one. These top 5 Christmas toys are sure to be a big hit when given to Read the rest of this entry »



5 Most Wished for Christmas Toys for Girls

Shopping for a Christmas gift for girls is always a fun event. However, if you are not sure what the girl in your life wants, then you may be in for a long shopping trip. Fortunately, there are several classic toys that girls always seem to ask for from year to year. If you need some ideas for a girl on your Christmas list, then here are a few suggestions that will work for girls of all ages.

Pretend Read the rest of this entry »



Classic Christmas Toys that Never Go Out of Style

Some toys never go out of style. Certain toys that were popular decades ago are still popular with kids today. Play-Doh, for example, has been around since 1956 and is still a big hit with young children. Keeping up with toys trends is challenging. Fortunately, classic Christmas toys will never go out of style.

Children still love playing with Lego sets. In fact, Lego is one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers. Lego products have sparked the imaginations of children around the world for the past 80 years. Lego even recently teamed up with Barbie Read the rest of this entry »

When we think of board games, we think of them normally as a source of entertainment. It’s like how we think of kids cartoons and movies – we don’t think much of them and we certainly aren’t thinking of the potential when it comes to life lessons. However, some board games do offer important life lessons and I’m here today to talk about a few.

1. Checkers – Sure, checkers seems simple enough, but there is a layer of complexity that involves patience and quite a bit of forethought in order to bring the game to an agreeable conclusion.

2. Chess – Perhaps a little too advanced for some children, chess can be won in as little as six moves, but requires and unprecedented level of cunning. Children who play this game are challenged intellectually to formulate new strategies on the spot and persevere no matter the cost.

3. Monopoly – Everyone has played this game and one of the lessons you learn real quick in the game is the price of greed. True, the object of the game is to monopolize and bankrupt your opponent but this can only be achieved through some careful investing and smart thinking. If there has ever been a time in our economic history where the value of smart spending was needed, it’s now.

And that’s just to name a few. So the next time you are thinking of educating your child on some important life lessons, don’t turn on the TV. Turn on your ADT Alarm system and pull out the board games for a nice, safe game night in.



Challenge Your Child Creatively with These 5 Toys

For century’s people have been inspiring children’s creativity through toys. All though technology has greatly expanded the old fashion toys are still around. Nothing will challenge your child’s creativity as the following five old fashion toys.

Building blocks may be old fashion but they are one of the best ways to inspire your child to create. Using these simple blocks can help with hand and eye coordination as well as open up the mind. Magnetized letters and shapes are another productive project for little minds. Placing letters on a Read the rest of this entry »



5 Best-Rated Learning Toys for Preschool Kids

Parents want their children to learn the most they can. One way to ensure that your child learns and has fun is by using toys. There are some toys that teach more than others, and they are very inexpensive to purchase.
VTech remains one of the leading toys for preschool children that teach them everything about learning. The games are handheld and large enough for small children to see the screen. The games teach children their letters, numbers, and shapes.
Fisher Price continues to dazzle children with their Little People play sets. The houses and communities that children Read the rest of this entry »



5 Classic Board Games Preschool Children Love to Play

It is no big secret that children of all ages love to play games. One of the best things you can give a preschool child is a board game. They enjoy the time you spend with them helping them learn how to play it and just taking that time to have fun. A lot of the time it is not about who wins the game but the fun that is had by the participants. Playing games is a great way to spend family time together. Having a specific evening set aside for family game night encourages Read the rest of this entry »



Top 3 Toys for Toddlers to Age 3 Years

When a child reaches the 1 year mark, he or she begins to develop cognitive skills along with fine motor skills, he or she begins to recognize things and understand instructions and they begin to grasp things and develop their motor muscles that help with movement. Here are my top 3 favorites for toddlers up to 3 years of age.

Children’s Water Flutes can actually be played in the bath tub. Toddlers are fascinated by water and playing with it allows them to develop their motor skills and the different sounds Read the rest of this entry »